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As I manage to find how to make this site, I decided I'll make it as fun as I can so that I don't sleep on it.

I love participating and creating content in fandom spaces, I mostly do fanart but I do try and enjoy doing clumsy fanfics here and there.

Because I only have one shrine idea, i'll leave it down here until I also work on it having it's own site. Be aware that there could be spoilers for the manga Boku no Hero Academia, although i will try to be vage! Also this will probably be viased towards my tastes.


From the anime Boku no Hero Academia, the name comes from the pairing of Eraserhead and All Might.

These two characters are the homeroom-teachers in charge of the students at the hero academy that goes by the name of UA. Both of them care for their students an inmense amount and is, in my opinion, what makes their characters so endearing.

All Might - the old new teacher

The #1 Hero, known world wide for being an honest and hard working example, now worn down, scarred from his battles and facing retirement. In his goal to choose a successor, he has decided to join UA and start a new life as a teacher.

His nervous and quirky personality are hard not to love. He acts boldly and pompous when using his quirk (super hero power), but will be more reserved in his daily life. Regardless he wears his heart on his sleeve, making it hard to ignore when he isn't feeling well.

He has a big challenge to face and that is to find value in his own welbeing. Characters like Midoriya and Aizawa will have to remember him he's worthy of love more than once.

Rating: Cute

Eraserhead - the scarily doting teacher

A 30yo teacher with a misterious and harsh past, which has left him with a rational perspective on life. He seems always tired because of how much he grinds on school work. Describing himself as a workaholic at times.

Despite seemingly grumpy or scary, he is a very loving and honest person. He has basically taken caring for his students as his drive in life.

He loves cats and will try to pet them if he sees them on the street, yet he wouldn't adopt one from the streets out of a sense of not being good enough. His challenges go around the idea of owning up to his want to love and take care of people in his life, including All Might and their students.

Rating: Horny


Because of Yagi's nervous personality and Aizawa's harsh and direct talking, they seem to start with the wrong foot. That is until we get to know both characters better, and they also start to understand eachother as time goes on. The second they are on the same page, they really become a power couple, specially when it's about their students.

/working in pixel art of their interactions in manga/